The Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego is an autonomous pious foundation formed under canon law and is a tax-exempt nonprofit under civil law. The foundation is independent from the Diocese of San Diego and has its own board of trustees.

The Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego’s mission is deeply rooted in Catholic Stewardship.  As faithful Catholics, we recognize that everything we have is a gift from God. In our desire to show our deep gratitude to God for the gifts he has bestowed on us, we desire to give back to those institutions and ministries that have been with us from the beginning of baptism and will continue with us until we reach eternity.  We are deeply rooted in stewardship and encourage our donors to give with purpose. Our goal is to help faithful stewards have an easy and beneficial organization to manage their philanthropic gifts and help with their spiritual formation.

Above all, our Foundation exists to give philanthropic Catholics an organization where they can fulfill their purpose as good stewards of the gifts that God has bestowed on them. We are an entirely donor-centric organization, meaning all organizations that receive our support have the blessing of our donors behind them.

We provide a resource where donors can express their Catholic identity, practice philanthropy and continue the work of those organizations that are precious to them – ensuring that those organizations have the funds and resources necessary to continue the good works they have set out to complete in this generation and in future generations.

Our initial goal is to raise $50 million in funds to benefit Parishes, Catholic Education, Vocations and Social Services and other charitable organizations selected by our donors. We serve the San Diego and Imperial Counties and promote Catholic philanthropy that recognizes our most important mission in life – giving back to God in gratitude for all He has entrusted to us.

We envision an organization that allows for complete transparency to our donors, and we allow donors to designate where their funds will be applied. We are easy to do business with and always allow our donors to have full access to the status of their giving and funds through individual online accounts.

We also seek to encourage our younger generations of Catholics to adopt a spirit of giving and become part of something greater than themselves.

All of the funds invested with the Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego are invested consistent with the Catholic Values Investing (CVI) standards that are set by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This means you can rest assured that the funds you donate to CCFSD will be managed and invested responsibly.   All grants from the foundation must be provided to responsible 501(c)(3) organizations whose mission and values are not inconsistent with our Catholic faith.

We seek to create long-term partnerships with both donors and their designated beneficiaries by remaining completely transparent with our donors, maintaining the highest standards in both integrity and communication, and always ensuring that each organization’s mission is consistent with our Catholic faith.