To leave a legacy is to reveal our hearts.  Our legacy is a final testament of who we are, what we value and whom we love.   Regardless of your age, circumstances or economic status, you are encouraged to begin thinking about the legacy you wish to leave behind and the message you hope to share with your loved ones, your community and your Church.

First and foremost, your concern should be for your own needs and the needs of your family.  Once you have provided for your family, we hope that you will consider the many needs of your parish and our larger family including our seminarians, retired priests, Catholic students and others in need.

How satisfying would it be to know that you can ensure other Catholics will have the same access to the organizations that have played a fundamental role in your faith throughout your life?  In our quickly changing world and society, now more than ever, we need to make sure we’re providing future generations with the tools they need to grow and practice their Catholic faith. You can create a legacy in a few simple ways.

First of all, we accept any and all donations whether cash or non-cash. If you’re interested in setting up a one time or recurring gift, we invite you to contact us.  We’re very easy to work with and your wishes will be respected and honored forever.

We invite you to join our Founder’s Circle by making a gift to support of the Foundation’s goal of growing to $50 million under our care.  All individuals and corporations who help us reach our goal will be recognized on our website, our newsletter and future publications.

We also invite you to consider our Perpetual Light Society – the legacy you leave behind and a promise for the future. All it takes to join is a decision to promise some of what you’ve acquired here on earth to continue to spread the Catholic faith to those that follow in the future.

Our website is intended to serve as a helpful resource to think about your legacy.  We recommend that you begin with our Planned Giving section which provides an introduction to the simplest and most popular options for legacy gifts and how they can be used to meet the specific needs of the Church.  From there you can learn how to designate your gift.

If you need personalized assistance, or have a question, we are here to assist you and work closely with you throughout the process.  It is a very easy process and we’re here to help you.  Whether you seek to strengthen the ministries of your parish, reach out to the homeless and the hungry or assist our seminarians as they grow in friendship with God, we welcome the opportunity to help you create that is meaningful and transformative – a legacy that celebrates your faith, affirms your values and gives witness a love that endures forever.